Meguro Gajoen 3.4 rating


A luxury hotel and wedding hall, with restaurants, cafes, and banquet rooms. One of the most popular attractions, though, is the spectacular public restroom.



About Meguro Gajoen

 1 Chome-8-1 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tōkyō-to 153-0064, Japan

 Nearest Transit: Meguro (Line: (N))

 +81 3-3491-4111

Meguro Gajoen and Nearby Attractions on Map

Nearby Attractions km / mile
Meguro Parasitological Museum

Meguro Parasitological Museum(0.7 km)
One of a kind and oddly popular with couples on dates, although you might want to skip lunch before (or after) your visit here as the exhibits and pictures can be rather graphic.

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum(1.2 km)
A must for fans of photography, with multiple floors of constantly changing exhibitions of the best photography from around Japan and the world.

Institute for Nature Study

Institute for Nature Study(0.8 km)
A 200,000 sq m nature preserve in the heart of the city, with birds and waterfowl, insects and marine life.

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art(2.2 km)
This small museum hosts a variety of interesting exhibitions in a 1930's house which is a great example of modern architecture in pre-war Japan.


Sengaku-ji(2.1 km)
A temple most famous as the resting place of the 47 Ronin, a famous group of samurai who banded together to avenge their unfairly slain master.

Yamatane Museum of Art

Yamatane Museum of Art(2.4 km)
Specializes in modern Japanese-style paintings and has a notable collection though only a handful are on display at one time due to preservation issues.

Beer Museum

Beer Museum(1.3 km)
A mildly interesting permanent exhibition covering the brewing process in general and the history of Sapporo Breweries, which brews the upmarket Yebisu label.

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