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Tianyi Mu is the most extensive and well-preserved Ming dynasty tomb of a eunuch. Tian Yi was a eunuch who served at the imperial court of 3 consecutive Ming Dynasty emperors in the 16th century. He rose in rank over 63 years to oversee the Directorate of Ceremonies, and was given a grand imperial burial at the foot of the Cuiwei Mountain, which stands today as the Tian Yi Tomb. The mausoleum has a temple, 3 pavilions, statues of Yi and an exhibition on his life. It is noted for the rich stone carvings on its 3 gates, steles, ceremonial vessels, and sacrificial stone altars. It also houses the Eunuch Museum which throws light on the role of eunuchs in the Chinese court and society.



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 80 Moshikou Dajie

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