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Sanlitun is known for its Bar Street, which is the epicentre of Beijng’s nightlife, lined with bars, clubs and shops, of which the largest Adidas store in the world is one.



About Sanlitun

 Yingbin S Rd, Huairou, Beijing, China

Sanlitun and Nearby Attractions on Map

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Ritan Park

Ritan Park(1.9 km)
The park contains the Temple of the Sun with an alter built in 1530 and used for sacrifices to the sun.

Dongyue Temple

Dongyue Temple(1.3 km)
Taoist temple founded in 1319 with hundreds of life size plaster figures and the possibility of making offerings to different gods responsible for all kind of stuff.

Temple of the Sun

Temple of the Sun(2.2 km)

Zhihua Temple

Zhihua Temple(2.4 km)

Zhihua Temple

Zhihua Temple(2.5 km)
Buddhist temple built in 1443 One of the largest, oldest and best preserved wooden structures in Beijing.

DoArt Gallery

DoArt Gallery(0.5 km)
This Beijing branch of a Seoul gallery opened in 2007.

Art Museum of the Beijing Fine Art Academy
Tongjiao Temple

Tongjiao Temple(2.5 km)
Originally used by eunuchs but now actively used by nuns.

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