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 The Rectory, Church St, Weston BA1 4BU, United Kingdom

 +44 1225 421159

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Royal Victoria Park

Royal Victoria Park(1.4 km)
Victoria Park is Bath's largest park, sprawling over 57 acres of greenery in front of the Royal Crescent.

Herschel Museum of Astronomy

Herschel Museum of Astronomy(2.1 km)
The Herschel Museum of Astronomy is housed in a restored Georgian townhouse that was home to astronomer William Herschel, who discovered Uranus using a 7' reflecting telescope built in the attached workshop here in March 1781.

Beckford's Tower & Museum

Beckford's Tower & Museum(1.4 km)
Beckford's Tower, originally known as Lansdown Tower, is a 120 foot neo-classical tower that was built in 1827 to house wealthy novelist William Beckford’s collection of art and rare books.

Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent(1.7 km)
Overlooking Royal Victoria Park , the Royal Crescent is a row of 30 Grade I listed terraced houses built between 1767 - 1775 and laid out in an arc that is renowned for its archetypal Georgian architecture.

Sion Hill

Sion Hill(1.2 km)
Sion Hill is a wealthy neighbourhood in the upper part of Bath, with elegant Georgian buildings in Bath stone from the 19th century.

The Museum of East Asian Art

The Museum of East Asian Art(2 km)
The Museum of East Asian Art houses a collection of almost 2,000 artifacts such as ceramics, jades, lacquers, bronzes and bamboo carvings and more, from China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Bath City Farm

Bath City Farm(2.3 km)

Bear Flat

Bear Flat(2.9 km)

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