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Singapore's first casino is tucked away underground underneath the Crockfords Tower hotel.

Singapore's first casino is tucked away underground underneath the Crockfords Tower hotel. There are 500 gaming tables offering 19 different games, but the emphasis is on Asian favorites like baccarat, roulette, tai sai and pai gow, with poker a distinct minority. A dress code applies: no slippers, no singlets and no shorts.
















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 Crockfords Tower B1M, Resorts World Sentosa

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Images of Singapore

A sugar-coated, kid-friendly retelling of the official Singapore story, where people of many races have come together to live in harmony

Sentosa Merlion

A stretched-out 37-metre version of the statue by the Singapore River, which is lit up at night - note, the Merlion highly disappointingly no longer shoots lasers (if in fact it ever did) from its eyes

Maritime Experiential Museum

See replicas of Asian sailing vessels from the docks at the Historic Ship Harbour, and learn more about Asia’s maritime and cultural heritage through the museum’s education programmes

Universal Studios Singapore

The first Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia opened its doors in March 2010

Fort Siloso

Formerly the largest British naval base in Fortress Singapore, its guns staring balefully out towards the sea in preparation for enemy attack

Underwater World

This is an aquarium where there is a collection of marine species from the Gulf of Thailand

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Has Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster and a gigantic wave pool

Dolphin Lagoon

Has cute pink dolphins doing all the usual tricks (jumping through hoops, balancing balls, etc)

Labrador Park and Labrador Secret Tunnels

Opened in May 2005, there are two ways of looking at these two restored British-era bunkers: either they're done a pretty good job of making a tunnel interesting, or even if you dress it up with spot lights and recorded booms, it's still just a bunch of tunnels

Baba House

Located at the fringes of Chinatown among a row of shophouses, the Baba House is a showcase of Peranakan culture in Singapore and features traditional furnishings typical of Straits Chinese households