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It consists of three parts - the main hall, the garden and an artificial hill area. The most iconic landmark of the gardens is a five story building with a pavilion on it's roof - the tallest structure in old Zhujiajiao. The history of this garden dates back to 1912, when Ma Wenqing built it, drawing inspiration from a mixture of Chinese and European influences. The construction took 15 years and 300 000 silver taels, equivalent to 12000 kg of silver. The wars and revolutions of the following half century brought much destruction to the garden and it's buildings, and in 1956 additional old structures where torn down to make room for teaching buildings of the Zhujiajiao Middle School that had come to occupy Kezhi Gardens. It was not until 1986 that the garden became a protected structure and renovation to return it to it's original style was started, and in 2003 the middle school was relocated.



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The Yunjin Monastery

The Yunjin Monastery(0.7 km)
The Yunjin Monastery on the northern end of Caohe Street is a Buddhist monastery with three main buildings and separate living quarters.

Qing Dynasty Post Office

Qing Dynasty Post Office(1.1 km)
On the southwestern end of Xihu Streed (which begins at the south end of Caohe Street) you'll find a Qing Dynasty Post Office.

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