Metropol Parasol


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Plaza de España

Plaza de España(1.9 km)
A prominent square on the northwest side of central district, adjacent to two of the tallest buildings in Madrid: the Torre de Madrid (the taller, white one) and the Edificio España (the red and white one).

Alcázar of Seville

Alcázar of Seville(1.2 km)
The Reales Alcázares de Sevilla or Royal Alcazars of Seville is a magnificent royal palace that is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site that includes the Seville Cathedral and Archivo de Indias.


Giralda(0.8 km)

Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral(0.8 km)

Teatro de la Maestranza

Teatro de la Maestranza(1.1 km)

Torre del Oro

Torre del Oro(1.3 km)

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