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Pike Place Market is not entirely indoors, but nearly. It is comprised of dozens of little shops tucked into a few square blocks downtown, on multiple levels. If you hate shopping you still might like this place, with its quirky atmosphere (including the famous seafood shop where the staff throw a fish from one end to the other). As the weather gets warmer, more artisans set up booths to sell photographs, glass, ceramics, and fresh flowers. Several farmers come to sell their produce, and a vast amount of tiny hole-in-the-wall places offer all kinds of cuisine (french, russian, mexican, seafood chowder, etc...) It is within walking distance of the NCL Cruiseline dock...good if you want to walk from the boat, but making the market rather crowded when their boats are in harbor. Hours are shortest on Sunday: only 11AM-5PM. Look for big blond Johnny Hahn on his portable piano, or one of the other regular street musicians on a more conventional street instrument. Leave the more trafficked areas behind and go downstairs into the Down Under area to explore the creepy, dusty shops. The weird, cramped Parrot Store even further downstairs (on 1st Avenue) is worth the $0.50 admission if you like parrots.

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 1st Ave and Pike St, Seattle, Washington, United States

 +1 206-682-7453


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