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 Basel, Switzerland

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Basel Paper Mill Museum

Basel Paper Mill Museum(1.2 km)
The medieval Basel Paper Mill houses the Swiss Museum for Paper, Writing and Printing.

Pharmazie-Historisches Museum

Pharmazie-Historisches Museum(0.1 km)
The Pharmacy Museum explores pharmaceutical history, exhibiting a wide collection of artifacts such as complete pharmacy interiors with furniture, ceramic pharmaceutical vessels, , an alchemy laboratory, laboratory utensils, ceramics, microscopes, instruments, mortars, first-aid kits, books, and historical medications.

Basel Historical Museum

Basel Historical Museum(0.4 km)
The Basel Historical Museum is one of the most important cultural and historical museums in Switzerland, tracing the past 1000 years of the Upper Rhine region.

Elisabethen Kirche

Elisabethen Kirche(0.6 km)
The Neo-Gothic St.

Museum Jean Tinguely

Museum Jean Tinguely(1.8 km)
Museum Jean Tinguely presents the works of Swiss painter and sculptor Jean Tinguely, who is best known for his metamechanics.


Spalentor(0.5 km)
The Gothic-style Spalentor is a former gate in the ancient city walls of Basel, completed in 1398 as part of the fortification built after the earthquake of 1356.

Anatomisches Museum

Anatomisches Museum(1 km)

Basel Zoo

Basel Zoo(1.4 km)
Basel Zoo is the oldest and largest zoo in Switzerland, home to several animals including exotic and endangered species from all around the world.

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