Pioneer Park, San Francisco

This park sits atop Telegraph Hill and surrounds the base of Coit Tower.

This park sits atop Telegraph Hill and surrounds the base of Coit Tower. It has some excellent 360 degree vistas around the city and there are some coin operated binoculars to help you enjoy the view.
















About Pioneer Park

 San Francisco, CA, United States

Pioneer Park and Nearby Sights on Map

Coit Tower

Visible from all parts of San Francisco and the Bay Area, the Coit Tower stands atop Telegraph Hill in Pioneer Park and offers an excellent view of the surroundings

Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill earned its name in the days of the Gold Rush when it was used as a signaling post to relay messages about incoming ships to the bay

Levi's Plaza Park

Located in front of the Levi Strauss headquarters, this immaculately kept little park is perhaps the perfect spot for a picnic, especially if you're exhausted after climbing over Telegraph Hill! It has a soothing fountain as its centerpiece

Juana Briones Monument

See the monument erected in honor of this humanitarian and pioneer settler of Yerba Buena (now North Beach)

Beat Museum

Features quite an extensive collection of exhibits, books and manuscripts that focus on Jack Kerouac and the literary Beat Generation

Jack Kerouac Alley

This tiny paved pedestrian alley was named after the famous Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac who used to hang out in the alley a lot

North Beach

Also known as San Francisco's 'Little Italy' and the historic center of the beatnik subculture, North Beach is a melting pot of cultures and ideas

Sts. Peter and Paul Church

A white statuesque, neo-Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral situated directly in front of Washington Square

Washington Square

Every day at around 8AM-10AM, locals practice tai-chi, the martial art and meditation practice

City Lights Bookstore

Co-founded by Beat poet Lawrence Ferlenghetti, City Lights was one of the centers of the Beat community in the 1950s