Engine No. 1 - Firehouse, San Francisco

One of the original Fire Houses in the city, it used horse-drawn equipment and was built in 1868.

One of the original Fire Houses in the city, it used horse-drawn equipment and was built in 1868. It was ironically destroyed by the 1906 fire and was rebuilt in 1909 by architect Newton J. Tharp as a two-story building with large arched entrance. The new architecture was heavily influenced by the 'City Beautiful' movement.?
















About Engine No. 1 - Firehouse

 451 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

Engine No. 1 - Firehouse and Nearby Sights on Map

Transamerica Pyramid

San Francisco's second tallest and most famous skyscraper, Transamerica Pyramid was a contentious addition to the city's skyline when it was inaugurated in 1972, but has now been accepted as an iconic landmark

Columbus Tower/Sentinel Building

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Pacific Heritage Museum

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Jack Kerouac Alley

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Beat Museum

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Sydney G. Walton Square

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Wells Fargo History Museum

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City Lights Bookstore

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