Stow Lake

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This pleasant lake surrounding Strawberry Hill, a scenic island with excellent views and great picnic spots, is an excellent place to relax. Boating (several types for rent) is available from a boathouse, which is open daily from 10AM-4PM.



About Stow Lake

 Stow Lake, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA

 Nearest Transit: 16th St. Mission

 +1 415 752-0347

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Battery Chamberlin

Battery Chamberlin(2.6 km)
Battery Chamberlin, built near Baker Beach in 1904, was constructed as part of a modernization effort to accommodate the lighter, stronger, more powerful coastal defense weapons developed in the 1880s.

Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake(2 km)
The campsite of the Anza settlement party in 1776, it became a source of fresh water for San Francisco during the early years.

California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences(1 km)
The California Academy of Sciences is an absolutely stunning museum and an excellent place to take your children.

Conservatory of Flowers

Conservatory of Flowers(1.6 km)
This antique palatial greenhouse, one of the first structures of its kind in the county, is filled with a huge variety of beautiful and exotic plant species.

San Francisco Botanical Gardens

San Francisco Botanical Gardens(1 km)
One of the largest botanical gardens on the west coast, the Botanical Gardens cover 55 acres with thousands of varieties of plants from around the world and multiple specialized gardens and miles of trails (seriously, the place is huge).

Shakespeare Garden

Shakespeare Garden(0.9 km)
With roses and other flowers mentioned in his plays.

Legion of Honor Museum

Legion of Honor Museum(2.6 km)
Inside this building, a model of the Palais de la L?gion d'Honneur in Paris, is an incredible collection of mainly European art, with works of the Renaissance, Baroque, and Impressionist periods, with art from some of the fundamental artists of their times, as well as some works from the 20th century from the likes of Picasso.

Baker Beach

Baker Beach(2.6 km)
A beautiful, immaculately kept 1 mile stretch of beach, set just behind the Golden Gate Bridge.

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