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Encompassing the entirety of Mission Bay, offering opportunities for sailing, boating, swimming, jet ski, and other water sports. You can also take advantage of the park space surrounding the bay for walking, bicycling, picnicking, etc. There are many miles of hiking, biking, and running trails that have a moderate level of difficulty for runners and an easy level of difficulty for bicyclists. There are marvelous views of the ocean and the bay along with numerous side trips. Starting at the Mission Bay Visitor Information Center (on East Mission Bay Drive near the Clairemont Drive exit from Interstate 5 Freeway) is a good idea, as there is parking (it can be scarce at times and is only limited to just one hour), and runners can can choose a trail to match their fitness level.



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 Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA, USA

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Fiesta Island

Fiesta Island(0.4 km)
This island in the middle of Mission Bay hosts the Fiesta Island Time Trial Series, hosted by the San Diego Bicycle Club.

Mission Bay Aquatic Center

Mission Bay Aquatic Center(2.2 km)
The aquatic center rents catamarans and other watercraft, as do several other franchises around the bay.

Mission Bay Playground

Mission Bay Playground(2 km)
There are many playgrounds in the city, but this one is easily one of the best.

SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego(1.4 km)
Hours vary by season and day of week; typically 10AM-5PM in winter, 9AM-11PM in summer.

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