Thien Fa Foundation, Bangkok

This is the oldest charitable society of Bangkok, founded in 1902 by Chinese immigrants in Thailand.

This is the oldest charitable society of Bangkok, founded in 1902 by Chinese immigrants in Thailand. The local clinics at the site provide free medical treatment for the poor using traditional Chinese as well as modern practices. Most interesting for foreign visitors is the courtyard which boasts the Guan Yin Shrine, commonly known as the 'Shrine for the Goddess of Mercy'. Local visitors of the shrine follow the Mahayana school of Buddhism, which is different from the Theravada school that is dominant elsewhere in Thailand. The statue of the goddess Ming, to whom the shrine is dedicated, is the highlight of the temple. The statue was carved out from a single piece of solid teakwood and shows Ming in the attitude of giving blessings. It was carved in China in Tang Dynasty art style and is believed to be around 800 years old. The statue has been in possession of the foundation since 1958, when it was taken out of China and placed inside the temple. The exterior's architecture is typically Chinese with an impressive roof and beautiful teak wood motif carving of dragons and other Chinese symbols. It is particularly lively during Chinese New Year.
















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