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The Phra Chulachomklao Fort on the Chao Phraya River estuary was built by King Rama V in 1893 to protect Thailand from colonization by European powers. In front of the naval historical park is a monumental statue of King Rama V, and there are 7 disappearing cannons along the length of the walls. The decommissioned Royal Thai Navy escort vessel HTMS Maeklong stands in concrete as a museum. It also has an exhibition showing damages from wars and the development of the navy.



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 Phra Samut Chedi District, Samut Prakan 10290, Thailand

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HTMS Maeklong

HTMS Maeklong(0 km)
The HTMS Maeklong was a Royal Thai Navy escort vessel and training ship, that has been decommissioned and subsequently preserved in concrete in the Chulachomklao Fort.

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