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Named after Saint Domitilla, the Catacombs of Domitilla along Via Ardeatina are the oldest and best preserved underground burial networks in Rome. Originally developed in the 2nd-3rd century as separate funerary sites, it was consolidated into a single catacomb by Pope Damasus I and became a pilgrimage site. It was abandoned in the 9th century shortly after Pope Leo III translated the relics to more secure churches. Almost 150,000 bodies are buried in this vast space, which still contains the bones.

Spread over 17 kilometres, the catacombs were mainly developed on 2 floors, although in some parts a 3rd and a 4th floor have also been excavated. At the entrance is the basilica dedicated to martyrs Nereo and Achilleo dating from 390 to 395 AD, whose apse contained the remains of the ciborium erected above their tombs. Achilleo's ciborium has a scene of martyrdom sculptured in marble, with a laurel wreath in the background.

Another important region is the hypogeum of the Flavi from the end of the 2nd century AD, built as a private pagan hypogeum. It housed Christian tombs of the Flavi family members that were decorated with scenes from Sacred Scripture. At the bottom, there was the area for the burials of servants and helps.

Other sites of note in the Domitilla Catacombs are the cubiculum of Veneranda depicting the matron introduced in paradise by the martyr Petronilla, the arcosolium of the Little Apostles, and the cubiculum of the grave-digger Diogenes.

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