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Once the world's highest capacity football venue, it was able to hold nearly 200,000 people. In modern times, the capacity has been reduced because of safety considerations, and the introduction of seating for all fans. Currently undergoing renovation, it will eventually hold 80,000. The matches of Rio's football clubs like Flamengo or Fluminense are usually far from full, so go along and watch a game.



About Maracanã Stadium

 Avenida Presidente Castelo Branco, s/n - Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20271-130, Brazil

 +55 800 062 7222

Maracanã Stadium and Nearby Attractions on Map

Nearby Attractions km / mile
Rio de Janeiro Zoo

Rio de Janeiro Zoo(0.9 km)
If you won't be making it to the Amazon or the Pantanal, the Rio de Janeiro Zoo is a good place to see some of Brazil's more exotic creatures as well as species from around the world.

Museu Nacional

Museu Nacional(0.8 km)
The National Museum in Paço de São Cristóvão (Palace of Saint Christopher) is Brazil's natural history museum, exhibiting dinosaur fossils, mounted animals and insects, minerals, and meteorites, as well as archaeological artifacts and aboriginal utensils.

Musical sidewalks of Vila Isabel

Musical sidewalks of Vila Isabel(2.2 km)
The mosaic sidewalks along Boulevard 28 de Setembro between Praça Maracanã and Praça Barão de Drummond are musical staves.

Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences

Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences(2 km)
Also has an observatory.

Museum of the First Reign

Museum of the First Reign(1.5 km)
The Museu do Primeiro Reinado or Museum of the First Reign is dedicated to the reign of Emperor Pedro I (1822-1831).

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