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The Largo do Boticário (Apothecary's Square) is a delightful square in the Cosme Velho neighborhood with preserved colonial style houses that date back to 1831. Once home to the rich and famous, the locality has deteriorated, with the brightly colored houses currently standing in a dilapidated state.



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 Rua Cosme Velho

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Cristo Redentor

Cristo Redentor(1.7 km)
The towering statue of Christ the Redeemer standing with outstretched arms atop Corcovado overlooking the city is an iconic symbol of Rio de Janeiro.

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Santa Teresa(2.1 km)
Santa Teresa is a hill-side neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, known for its winding, narrow alleys lined with 19th – 20th century mansions of the wealthy.

Indian Museum

Indian Museum(1.8 km)
Museu do Índio explores the history and society of Native Brazilians, with 14,000 artifacts, 50,000 photographs and 200 audio-visual recordings.

Guanabara Palace

Guanabara Palace(1.9 km)
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Tram Museum

Tram Museum(2.7 km)
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Chácara do Céu Museum

Chácara do Céu Museum(3.1 km)
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Selarón Staircase

Selarón Staircase(3.5 km)
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Museu Villa-Lobos

Museu Villa-Lobos(1.8 km)
Museu Villa-Lobos is dedicated to the great Brazilian composer and founder of the Brazilian Academy of Music, Heitor Villa-Lobos, who wrote about 1000 pieces.

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