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Riga Central market is a striking building near the central train station notable for its huge hangars, built from parts of actual zeppelin hangars bought for the market in 1920. The market has also a large open-air area. It deals mostly in fresh food and is a good place especially during summer for fresh local fruit and vegetables. There are also stalls that sell cheap clothing and accessories. It is beloved by especially Scandinavian tourists coming via ferry for its cheap cigarettes, most of which are speculated to be contraband. There are lots of small cafes scattered around the markets that serve up cheap local eats. 



About Riga Central Market

 Nēģu 7, Rīga, Latvia

 +371 67 229 985


Riga Central Market and Nearby Attractions on Map

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Art Noveau Buildings(1.8 km)
Alberta' and 'Elizabetes' streets ('iela') are the best place to see the creations of 'Art Nouveau' architect Eisenstein, famous for his splendid style.

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