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Designed by Georg Kuphaldt, who was expelled by Germany in 1915 as a spy becuase he had a telescope in his garden. The following attractions are here:National Museum of Art: Houses many works by Latvian artists.Riga Orthodox Cathedral: The Orthodox Cathedral was erected during Russian rule for Russian residents. In contrast to its relatively plain exterior, it is spectacular on the inside, but be aware that shorts are not allowed.Clock: Donated by Riga's sister city Kobe.



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 a block from the Freedom Monument

Esplanade Park and Nearby Attractions on Map

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Art Noveau Buildings

Art Noveau Buildings(0.6 km)
Alberta' and 'Elizabetes' streets ('iela') are the best place to see the creations of 'Art Nouveau' architect Eisenstein, famous for his splendid style.

House of Blackheads

House of Blackheads(0.9 km)
The House of Blackheads is where the merchants-to-be had their guild.

Riga Town Square

Riga Town Square(0.9 km)

Jugenda Stila Nami

Jugenda Stila Nami(0.8 km)
Jugenda Stila Nami is Riga’s own Art Nouveau neighborhood, with strikingly beautiful buildings competing to hold your attention and admiration.

Freedom Monument

Freedom Monument(0.3 km)
Freedom Monument is one of Latvia's national symbols.

St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church(0.8 km)

Riga Cathedral

Riga Cathedral(0.8 km)
Dating to 1207, it is one of Riga's symbols.

The Small Guild

The Small Guild(0.6 km)
Another pretty building just behind the Big Guild, this one housed the craftsmen's guild.

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