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The Puputan Monument commemorates the 200 Balinese from the Klungkung royal family and court who died in the sacrificial puputan (suicidal fight to death) against the Dutch in 1908.



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 Bali, Indonesia

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Bali Museum(3.2 km)

Lapangan Puputan Margarana

Lapangan Puputan Margarana(1 km)
The Puputan Park is home to the colossal Bajra Sandhi monument which commemorates the struggles of the Balinese people from time to time.


Sanur(1.9 km)
Sanur Beach is a clean and quiet stretch of sand in south-east Bali.

Museum Sidik Jari

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The Museum Sidik Jari is a unique museum showcasing works of fingerprint-painting.

Taman Wedhi Budaya Cultural Centre

Taman Wedhi Budaya Cultural Centre(2.3 km)
The Taman Wedhi Budaya is an art complex displaying Balinese paintings and sculpture.

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