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 Prague, Czech Republic


Olsany Cemetery and Nearby Attractions on Map

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Žižkov Monument

Žižkov Monument(1.3 km)
This immense equestrian statue was erected in 1950 to commemorate Czech national hero Jan Žižkov, who fought his most famous battle on this site and later had the hill and the neighbouring city renamed after himself.

New Jewish Cemetery

New Jewish Cemetery(0.9 km)
Take the metro to Zelivskeho on the green line and follow the signs to the New Jewish Cemetery.

Prague Military Museum

Prague Military Museum(1.8 km)

Palac Flora

Palac Flora(0.5 km)
Modern shopping mall with IMAX cinema.

Žižkov Television Tower

Žižkov Television Tower(1.1 km)
Famously built by the communists in order to jam foreign radio signals, the most hideous building in Prague offers spectacular views of the city.

Holešovice Market

Holešovice Market(2.6 km)
Large area market area with many shops and kiosks with goods of various quality.

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