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The highest peak and most recognizable landmark of the area, Camelback Mountain is named for its silhouette that resembles the hump and head of a resting camel. It is located in the Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon Recreation Area between Phoenix in the south and the town of Paradise Valley to the north. The lower areas of the mountain contain some of the most exclusive residences in the Valley. Rising to 2,704 feet (824 metres) at its summit, it is a popular recreational destination for hiking and rock climbing. There are some very challenging and difficult hiking trails (Echo Canyon Trail and Cholla Trail) to the summit that are not recommended for any but experienced hikers. The views of Phoenix and the valley from the summit are stunning. The red sandstone rock formation of Praying Monk is used for rock climbing.



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 Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA

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