Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site, Philadelphia

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site was once home to the author, where he wrote The Raven.

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site was once home to the author, where he wrote The Raven. While the decor has changed since Poe lived here, the rooms have been designed to honor his works. The Reading Room has been furnished as per Poe's The Philosophy of Furniture, and a stuffed black cat has been hidden in the cellar. A statue of a raven on a pedestal stands outside, and you can find a plastic heart under the floorboards. Fans can see a video presentation on Poe's life, and join a ranger-led tour.





















About Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site

 532 North 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States

 +1 215-597-8780


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