Lafayettes Tomb, Paris

A must for anyone interested in the history of the American Revolution.

A must for anyone interested in the history of the American Revolution. This small cemetery includes three mass graves from the French Revolution plus a section that includes many of France's most noble families that lost members during the French Revolution and consequently have a continuing right to be buried there. In the farthest right hand corner is the tomb of General Lafayette the friend and fellow soldier of George Washington. Beside him is his beloved wife plus other members of her family, the de Noailles who were almost completely wiped out,during the French Revolution, because of their closeness to the Court. Since 1834 the American flag has apparently flown continuously over his grave, even, I was informed by the local expert, during the German occupation pf Paris during World War 2. A fascinating place well worthy of a visit.
















About Lafayettes Tomb

 35 Rue de Picpus, Paris, France

 +33 1 43 44 18 54

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