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The Statue of Liberty, or Liberty Enlightening the World, a gift from the people of France to celebrate the centennial of the United States, is an iconic symbol of freedom and democracy. The green copper statue, designed by sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel, is located on Liberty Island. The 151 feet tall robed female figure representing Roman goddess Libertas stands on an 89 feet high pedestal, with a torch symbolizing Enlightenment in her right hand and a tabula ansata inscribed with ‘JULY IV MDCCLXXVI’ the date of the Declaration of Independence in her left hand. The crown on her head forms a halo with 7 rays, representing the radiation of enlightenment to all continents.

Ferries departing from Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan or from Liberty State Park in Jersey City take you to Liberty Island and back. On the island, you can visit the Visitor Information Station, which has a schedule of the day's events. Visitors can also meet at the Liberty Island Flagpole behind the statue for ranger-led tours of the island. You can take a trip to the pedestal observation deck for awe-inspiring views of the New York City skyline, and look upward to view the interior of the statue. Visitors with the Reserve with Crown ticket are allowed to climb up a circular staircase of 377 steps from the base of the statue to the crown, but tickets are very limited and should be reserved 3-4 months (up to 1 year) in advance online or by phone. Children must be at least 4 feet tall and able to walk up and down the stairs by themselves. All ticket holders must show a photo ID to match the name on their tickets.

You can visit the monument lobby, and the museum which has various exhibits on the statue, the old torch, and the New Colossus' sonnet. Walk along the promenade for views of NYC and find your way to Fort Wood (the 11-point star-shaped structure the statue stands upon). Security checks are rigorous so travel as light as possible. Backpacks and other large bags are not permitted on the tours but can be stored in lockers for a fee. On busy days there may be long waits. Ferries also stop at Ellis Island where you can visit the immigration museum.



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 Liberty Island, New York, NY, United States

 Nearest Transit: South Ferry (Lines: 1,9)

 +1 212-363-320

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