St Roch Cemeteries, New Orleans

Perhaps the most famous historic site in the area, although comparatively little known to visitors.

Perhaps the most famous historic site in the area, although comparatively little known to visitors. This cemetery is a fascinating visit. It has above-ground crypts that rival many of New Orleans' more famous cemeteries, along with artistic stations of the cross. The old cemetery chapel and shrine of cures, however, are what makes the cemetery a must-see for lovers of the off-beat and quirky side of New Orleans. The central chapel was founded by one Father Thevis in 1876, following a yellow fever epidemic in the city. As history has it, his congregants prayed to Saint Roch starting in 1868, who famously aided the sick during the Black Plague, and none of them fell ill. The chapel and surrounding cemetery were built to honor the saint, as a means of thanks. Look inside the chapel (which houses Father Thevis' remains under the altar) for 'cures' left by New Orleanians '” charms left here to ward off various ailments or bring luck. Rumors of voodoo ceremonies within the chapel persist! As it is a New Orleans cemetery, safety is a concern, and you should come only in a group.





















About St Roch Cemeteries

 1725 Saint Roch Avenue, New Orleans, LA, United States

 +1 504-304-0576

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