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Humayun's Tomb in south Delhi near Hazrat Nizamuddin station is one of Delhi's 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, recognised for its monumental scale, grand Mughal design, and seminal ensemble of mausoleum gardens. Commissioned by Humayun’s son Akbar in 1569 and completed in 1572 to designs by Persian architect Mirak Mirza Ghiyas, it was one of the early Mughal structures in India and the first garden-tomb of the subcontinent.

The tomb is in large, immaculately maintained gardens in the Persian Char Bagh (four corners) style that were thoroughly renovated in 2003 with the Aga Khan's help and are consequently probably the best in Delhi. As you enter the complex, the first major structure on your right is the bulbous, octagonal tomb of Isa Khan Niyazi, a noble in Sher Shah Suri's court who built it in his own lifetime, some 20 years before Humayun's tomb. A floral path leads to the second (West) gate, which now acts as the entrance to the giant central garden.The centerpiece is the eponymous tomb of Humayun, built from red sandstone. It has a spectacular jali (marble lattice) window pane which faces towards the Mecca. You can climb up to the second level, and on the south side you will find the entrance into the main crypt where Humayun is buried. Before you leave, be sure to visit the South Gate, the original royal entrance, from where you can get picture-postcard views without too many tourists in the way. In the southeast corner is the Nai-ka-Gumbad or Barber's Tomb, also built in the same style. Historians do not know who is buried in this picturesque tomb made of red and grey sandstone.

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 Humayun's Tomb, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi, Delhi 110013, India

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