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The Balmoral suburb has the Mount Eden War Memorial Hall, Potter's Park, the 19th century wooden Christmas Tree House, the neo-Greek Capitol Picture Theatre, and Symphonia Hall.



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 Auckland, NZ

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Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)(2.5 km)
MOTAT showcases the history of transportation and technology in New Zealand.


Alberton(2.2 km)
Alberton is an 18 room grand colonial mansion with manicured gardens that was the setting of 19th century parties of the Auckland elite.

Mt Eden

Mt Eden(1.5 km)
Mt Eden is the highest natural point in Auckland at 196 m above sea level.

Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens(1.9 km)
Eden Garden is a memorial garden on Mount Eden with cozy coves, waterfalls, and perennial blooms.

Eden Park

Eden Park(0.9 km)

Fowlds Park

Fowlds Park(2 km)

Auckland Government House
Grafton Bridge

Grafton Bridge(3 km)

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