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 Kallithea, Athens 176 75, Greece

 +30 21 3035 9770

Kallithea and Nearby Attractions on Map

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Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Odeon of Herodes Atticus(3.1 km)

Flisvos Marina

Flisvos Marina(2.4 km)
The Flisvos Marina in Paleo Faliro has a well developed waterfront complex with numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops.

National Observatory of Athens

Areopagus(3.2 km)
The Areopagus is a historical site where the council of elders of the city met in pre-classical times.

Philopappos Monument

Philopappos Monument(2.7 km)
The Philopappos Monument on the Mouseion Hill is an ancient Greek mausoleum and monument dedicated to Philopappos, a 1st century prince from Commagene, a small Hellenistic kingdom in southeast Turkey and north Syria.

Nea Smyrni Stadium

Nea Smyrni Stadium(1.1 km)

Kimons Tombs

Kimons Tombs(2.8 km)
5th century BC Athenian statesman and victor in the Battle of Marathon, Cimon, lies buried in the rock-cut tomb.

Prison of Socrates

Prison of Socrates(2.8 km)
The artificial caves on the slopes of the Philopappos Hill are believed to have been the holding cells which confined Socrates, who drank the hemlock poison to death here.

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