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Munich's little slice of paradise on the Isar, Flaucher, is a beach area that's popular with students and is home to many parties. 



About Flaucher

 Isarauen 8, Munich, Germany

 +49 89 7232677


Flaucher and Nearby Attractions on Map

Nearby Attractions km / mile
St. Maximilian's Church

St. Maximilian's Church(2.8 km)
The Roman Catholic church was built at the beginning of the 20th century in the Romaneque Revival style as the first church in the Isarvorstadt district.

Munich Zoo

Munich Zoo(0.6 km)
Munich Zoo is undoubtedly the main attraction of area.

Old South Cemetery

Old South Cemetery(2.2 km)
The Old South Cemetery was established in 1563 as plague cemetery.

Church of the Holy Cross

Church of the Holy Cross(2.1 km)
The structure is the oldest completely preserved Gothic Revival church in Munich, because it was wonderously unharmed by the Allied bombings during World War II.

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