Sunrise Pro 2.7 rating

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Computer, hi-tech and consumer electronics hypermarket, offering advanced automated buying process for the customer who knows what exactly he wants - you have almost no chance to see things before paying for them. Return process/warranty is complicated. Pricewise this is probably the best place in Russia to buy anything working from the electric plug. Credit card payment process is quite complicated, so you need rubles in cash.



About Sunrise Pro

 Складочная ул. 1, строен. 1, корп. 4, Москва, 127018, Россия

 +7 495 542-80-70

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Ostankino Tower

Ostankino Tower(2.5 km)
540 meters tall, with an observation deck 340 meters above ground.

Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre

Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre(1.5 km)
A new museum dedicated to the history of Russian Jews.

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