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 Almaty District, Astana, Kazakhstan

 +7 717 291 9035

National Museum of Kazakhstan and Nearby Attractions on Map

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Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation(0.2 km)
The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is a 77 m high white glass and steel pyramidal building with a blue peak that houses educational facilities, a national center for Kazakhstan's various geographical and ethnic groups, and a 1,500-seat opera house.

Kazakh Eli Monument

Kazakh Eli Monument(0.3 km)
The Kazakh Eli Monument is a 91 m tall white marble column commemorating Kazakhstan's declaration of independence in 1991.

Hazret Sultan Mosque

Hazret Sultan Mosque(0.2 km)

Shabyt Palace

Shabyt Palace(0.2 km)
Shabyt is a palace of arts situated next to the landmark Kazakh Eli monument.

Palace of Independence

Palace of Independence(0.3 km)
The Palace of Independence hosts official state events, political gatherings and business meetings.

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