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 Rushall Cres, Fitzroy North VIC 3068, Australia

 Nearest Transit: Rushall (Line: South Morang)

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Nearby Attractions km / mile
Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum(2.9 km)
Housed in a Post-Modern building designed by Denton Corker Marshall Architects in Carlton Gardens, the Melbourne Museum explores Australian social history, indigenous cultures, science and natural history.

Clifton Hill Shot Tower

Clifton Hill Shot Tower(1.5 km)
The 80 m tall Clifton Hill Shot Tower stands out in the skyline, resembling a soaring red chimney.

Edinburgh Gardens

Edinburgh Gardens(1.2 km)
The Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy date back to 1862, and have historical features such as a stone drinking fountain, period park light fittings, a rotunda and war memorial.

Melbourne Victoria Park

Melbourne Victoria Park(2 km)
Victoria Park is a sports arena with an oval field which hosts football and cricket matches.

Yarra Bend Park

Yarra Bend Park(2.5 km)
The Yarra Bend Park sprawls over 642 acres of natural bushland along the Yarra River and Merri Creek in inner Melbourne.

Galatea Point Lookout

Galatea Point Lookout(2.5 km)

Fitzroy Town Hall

Fitzroy Town Hall(2.5 km)

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