A-Ma Temple, Macau

Perhaps the most famous Chinese temple in Macau.

Perhaps the most famous Chinese temple in Macau. This is a Taoist temple which predates the Portuguese era.
















About A-Ma Temple

 Barra Square, Macau


A-Ma Temple and Nearby Sights on Map

Macau Maritime Museum

Opposite the A-Ma Temple is the Maritime Museum, with exhibits on Macau's seafaring history

Moorish Barracks

Built in 1874 to accommodate an Indian regiment from Goa it now serves as the headquarters of the Macau Maritime Authority

Chapel of Our Lady of Penha and Penha Hill

The chapel sits atop a steep hill which towers above the southern-most tip of Macau Peninsula

Avenida da Republica

One of the most beautiful avenues in Macau, this tree-lined road arcs around the southern-most tip of the peninsula and is the address of some of the most pretty Portuguese residential buildings in the territory, all of them enjoying an unobstructed view of the Nam Van and Sai Van lakes

Mandarin's House

The Macau Mandarin House is the former residence owned by eminent modern Chinese thinker Zheng Guanying and his father Zheng Wenrui

Lilau Square

Pretty little square surrounded by the old Mediterraneanstyle houses of one of Macau's oldest residential areas

Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple

Located close to the Chinese Bazaar area, this temple has some Western influence to its architecture illustrating the harmonious coexistence of the two cultures in this city

St. Lawrence's Church

Built in the mid 16th century this is one of the oldest churches in Macau

St. Joseph's Seminary and Church

Established in 1728 the old Seminary together with St Paul's College was the base of missionary work in China Japan and other parts of the region

St. Augustine's Square

This square is fronted by various pretty buildings of Macau's past era, namely the St Augustine's Church Dom Pedro V Theatre St Joseph's Seminary and Church and the Robert Ho Tung Library