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The chapel sits atop a steep hill which towers above the southern-most tip of Macau Peninsula. From the various lookouts from the hill, you'll get excellent views of the central area of Macau, Nam Van and Sai Van lakes, Macau Tower, the three Macau-Taipa bridges and across the Pearl River into China.

Chapel of Our Lady of Penha and Penha Hill and Nearby Attractions on Map

Nearby Attractions km / mile
Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral(1.3 km)
The city's most famous landmark and is regarded as the greatest monument to Christianity in the East.

Macau Tower

Macau Tower(0.8 km)
You'll get a great view over Macau and Taipa.

Kun Iam Statue

Kun Iam Statue(1.8 km)
Twenty metre high bronze statue of the Goddess of Mercy emerging from a lotus floating in the Outer Harbour.

Senate Square

Senate Square(0.9 km)
A colorful typical Iberian town square this is the traditional heart of Macau city.

A-Ma Temple

A-Ma Temple(0.4 km)
Perhaps the most famous Chinese temple in Macau.

Holy House of Mercy

Holy House of Mercy(0.9 km)
This building established by the first Bishop of Macau in 1569 provides an imposing facade for the Senate Square.

Wine Museum and Grand Prix Museum

Wine Museum and Grand Prix Museum(2 km)
The Wine Museum and the Grand Prix Museum are both in the same building, north of the center of town.

Macau Museum

Macau Museum(1.4 km)
Above Saint Paul's, within the remains of the Mount fortress, is the main Macau Museum.

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