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Kun Iam Temple, Macau

A large, old Buddhist temple to the north of downtown.

A large, old Buddhist temple to the north of downtown. It's a little out of the way, but is definitely worth a visit if you're into temples.
















About Kun Iam Temple

 Kun Iam Temple, St. Anthony's Parish, Macau

Kun Iam Temple and Nearby Sights on Map

Sun Yat Sen Memorial House

This was where Sun Yat Sen conducted revolutionary activities and finally chose to settle his family in later years

Lou Lim Ioc

Beautiful garden sanctuary on the peninsula of Macau

Guia Fortress

Built in the 1600s on top of Guia Hill on the eastern part of the peninsula, the fortress's main function was to ward off any attack by China

Cemeterio de São Miguel Arcanjo

A classic example of Sino-Portuguese culture

Wine Museum and Grand Prix Museum

The Wine Museum and the Grand Prix Museum are both in the same building, north of the center of town

Portas do Cerco

Called the Barrier Gate in Chinese, the Portuguese name 'Gate of Siege' says a lot more to the hundreds of years of relations between the Portuguese and Chinese

Casa Garden

This house, built in 1770, was the residence of a wealthy Portuguese merchant Manuel Pereira and was later rented out to the English East India Company

Luis de Camoes Garden and Grotto

One of the largest gardens in Macau, the land was originally owned by the British East India Company and was bought over by a Portuguese merchant who then willed it to the Macau government to be turned into a public garden when he died

East India Company Cemetery

Lovely little piece of England in Macau

Macau Museum

Above Saint Paul's, within the remains of the Mount fortress, is the main Macau Museum