Place des Jacobins is one of the most well-known squares in Lyon

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...f the River Saône. • Place Bellecour • Place des Jacobins • Terreaux • Mur Peint • Passerelle Palais de Justice • Old t...


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Place des Jacobins, Lyon

Place des Jacobins is one of the most well-known squares in Lyon.

Place des Jacobins is one of the most well-known squares in Lyon. It has a fountain at the centre by architect Gaspard André and sculptor Degeorges, depicting four Lyonnaise artists: painter Hippolyte Flandrin (1809-1864), engraver Gérard Audran (1640-1703), sculptor Guillaume Coustou (1677-1746) and architect Philibert Delorme (1510-1570).















About Place des Jacobins

 69002 Lyon, France

Place des Jacobins and Nearby Sights on Map

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