Rue St Jean, Lyon

Rue St Jean is the main thoroughfare of Vieux Lyon, part of the city's UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rue St Jean is the main thoroughfare of Vieux Lyon, part of the city's UNESCO World Heritage Site. This cobblestone pedestrian street is full of souvenir shops and restaurants targeted at tourists. Local people are aware that real good bouchons are extremely rare here. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, it may be hard to walk because of the crowd of both locals and tourists. You can also check out the more quiet rue des Trois Maries which runs parallel to rue St Jean, between place de la Baleine and rue du Palais de Justice.















About Rue St Jean

 Rue St Jean, Lyon

Rue St Jean and Nearby Sights on Map

Rue du Boeuf

Rue du Boeuf runs parallel to the touristy Rue St Jean, but is much quieter and just as beautiful

Musée de la Miniature et des Décors de cinéma

The Miniature and Cinema Museum, housed in the 16th century Maison des Avocats (Legal Chamber), displays about 120 miniature models of various historical and contemporary scenesof houses, restaurants, workshops, schools, etc

St Jean Archaeological Garden

Adjacent to the St Jean Cathedral (on the northern side), the archaeological garden exhibits the remnants of the religious buildings which occupied the site before the cathedral was erected

Palais de Justice Historique

The French neo-classical court house of Palais de Justice, also known as 'the 24 columns' for its colonnaded facade, was built between 1835 and 1842 by architect Louis-Pierre Baltard

Musée Gadagne

Musee Gadagne is home to Musée d'histoire de Lyon (Museum of Lyon History), and the Musée des marionnettes du monde (Museum of world puppets) which is centered around the famous Guignol of Lyon puppet character, an intelligent, brave and funny but impoverished man

Renaissance Courtyards

Lyon is known for its buildings with traboules, though some have very beautiful courtyards but no real traboules (crossing from one street to another)


The traboules are a unique architectural feature of Lyon's historical buildings, largely influenced by Italy and especially Florence

Place du Change

The Place du Change is the largest square in the area, and the old site of the drapery which was used in the 15th and 16th centuries by moneychangers

Lyon Cathedral

The Lyon Cathedral, officially named the St Jean Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to Saint John the Baptist

Rue Juiverie

The Rue Juiverie is a street of Vieux Lyon named after the Jewish community which originally settled there, but was expelled in the 14th century