The traboules are a unique architectural feature of Lyon's historical buildings, largely influenced by Italy and especially Florence

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Lyon: Storytelling Tour of Croix-Rousse

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...usse and discover its hidden passages ("traboules") with a talented storytelling guide. Hear the incredible story of the...


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Old Lyon Gourmet Private Guided Tour

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... its squares and streets, its famous "traboules" and its secret courtyards transport you to the end of the Middle Ages.


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Lyon E-Bike Tour

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Cruise around Lyon with ease on an electric bicycle and enjoy spectacular views with minimal effort....


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Lyon: 2-Hour I love Lyon Tour, Quiz & Tasting

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...Lyon such as Fourvière Hill, the famous traboules in the Old Lyon and many incredible stories. The mysterious undergroun...


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Small Group Old Lyon Gourmet Guided Tour

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Enjoy a walk in the UNESCO World Heritage historic neighborhood of Lyon and discover some of the cu...


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Traboules, Lyon

The traboules are a unique architectural feature of Lyon's historical buildings, largely influenced by Italy and especially Florence.

The traboules are a unique architectural feature of Lyon's historical buildings, largely influenced by Italy and especially Florence. They are passageways which link two streets through a building, and usually a courtyard. They were used by silk manufacturers and craftsmen to transport their textiles, clothes and wares in inclement weather. Explore the Renaissance district of Vieux Lyon and the silk district of Croix-Rousse, which are part of Lyon's UNESCO World Heritage Site, to see these traboules. Some of them are officially open to the public. They link the following addresses:- 54 rue St Jean 27 rue du Boeuf (the longest in Lyon)- 27 rue St Jean 6 rue des Trois Maries- 2 place du Gouvernement quai Romain Rolland.To open the doors, just press the service button next to the door code keyboard. If you are unable to enter from one side, try the opposite entrance. In the morning, many other doors are open for service (mail, garbage collection), so more traboules are accessible. There are traboules in almost all buildings between Quai Romain Rolland and Rue St Jean/ Rue des Trois Maries, and others between Rue St Jean and Rue du Boeuf. The most famous of all is the Traboule de la cour des Voraces (Traboule of the Voracious Court) in the Croix-Rousse quarter that is one of the landmarks of the Canut Revolts and also the oldest reinforced concrete stairwell in Lyon.















About Traboules

 54 rue St Jean, Lyon

Traboules and Nearby Sights on Map

Musée de la Miniature et des Décors de cinéma

The Miniature and Cinema Museum, housed in the 16th century Maison des Avocats (Legal Chamber), displays about 120 miniature models of various historical and contemporary scenesof houses, restaurants, workshops, schools, etc

Rue du Boeuf

Rue du Boeuf runs parallel to the touristy Rue St Jean, but is much quieter and just as beautiful

Rue St Jean

Rue St Jean is the main thoroughfare of Vieux Lyon, part of the city's UNESCO World Heritage Site

Renaissance Courtyards

Lyon is known for its buildings with traboules, though some have very beautiful courtyards but no real traboules (crossing from one street to another)

St Jean Archaeological Garden

Adjacent to the St Jean Cathedral (on the northern side), the archaeological garden exhibits the remnants of the religious buildings which occupied the site before the cathedral was erected

Lyon Cathedral

The Lyon Cathedral, officially named the St Jean Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to Saint John the Baptist

Palais de Justice Historique

The French neo-classical court house of Palais de Justice, also known as 'the 24 columns' for its colonnaded facade, was built between 1835 and 1842 by architect Louis-Pierre Baltard

Musée Gadagne

Musee Gadagne is home to Musée d'histoire de Lyon (Museum of Lyon History), and the Musée des marionnettes du monde (Museum of world puppets) which is centered around the famous Guignol of Lyon puppet character, an intelligent, brave and funny but impoverished man

Parc des Hauteurs

The Parc des Hauteurs is located along the hillside between the metallic tower of Fourvière and the Loyasse cemetery, and offers great views towards the Monts d'Or and Beaujolais

Place du Change

The Place du Change is the largest square in the area, and the old site of the drapery which was used in the 15th and 16th centuries by moneychangers