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Chiado is an upmarket shopping district surrounding a charming square between the neighborhoods of Bairro Alto and Baixa. Named after poet António Ribeiro who was nicknamed chiado, the square has a bronze statue of the poet by sculptor Costa Mota. Most of the 18th-19th century buildings in the area were devastated by the fire of 1988, but were carefully restored thereafter to their original facades, while the interiors were modernized.

The Rua do Carmo and Rua Garrett are lined with trendy boutiques, shoe stores, and jewelry shops. At the heart of Rua do Carmo is the Armazens do Chiado, a high-end shopping mall with 54 retail outlets and several restaurants. The Bertrand Bookstore on Rua Garrett is the oldest operational bookshop in the world, tracing its inauguration back to 1732. Also on Garrett is the Paris em Lisboa, a home décor store that used to source its stock from Paris when it opened in 1888.

For history and culture enthusiasts, the area has no dearth of interesting attractions. The Teatro Nacional São Carlos on Rua Serpa Pinto is an elegant 18th century opera house with Rococo interiors inspired by Italian opera houses. The Museu Nacional de Art Contemporanea, better known as Chiado Museum, showcases contemporary Portuguese art from the late 19th to the 20th century in the former St Francis Convent. The Café A Brasileira at 120 Rua Garrett is a historic café that has a bronze statue of its most famous patron, poet Fernando Pessoa, on the pavement in front. The beautiful churches Igreja do Loreto and Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Encarnacao are also worth a visit.



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 Chiado, 2715-311 Lisbon, Portugal

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Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga(1.7 km)
Portugal's impressive national art collection, including 14-19th century European painting, artefacts of Portuguese contact with the East and Africa and a collection of ecclesiastical treasures.

Gloria Funicular

Gloria Funicular(0.6 km)
Inaugurated on 24 October 1885, this funicular was the second to be placed in Lisbon.

Bica Funicular

Bica Funicular(0.3 km)
This funicular was inaugurated on 28 June 1892 and its route is known as the most typical of the city.

Lavra Funicular

Lavra Funicular(1 km)
The oldest funicular of Lisbon was inaugurated on 19 April 1884 and on that day it worked for 16 consecutive hours, carrying more than 3,000 passengers free.

Rua Augusta Arch

Rua Augusta Arch(0.5 km)

Feira da Ladra

Feira da Ladra(1.6 km)
Bustling flea market with antique stores.

Lisbon Botanical Gardens

Lisbon Botanical Gardens(1 km)
A hidden gem.

Museu do Teatro Romano

Museu do Teatro Romano(0.8 km)
The Museu do Teatro Romano (Roman Theatre Museum) showcases the archeological remains of the adjacent Roman theatre that was built by Emperor Augustus in the 1st century BC in Felicitas Julia Olisipo, as Lisbon was known during the time.

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