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Daigoji is a large Shingon Buddhist temple complex dedicated to Yakushi Nyorai. Located along the slope of a mountain from base to peak, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural significance and history. It comprises a garan (main complex) with a 5 storey pagoda (Gojunoto) which dates back to 951 as the oldest building in Kyoto, the Karamon Chinese gate, the Sanbo-in known for its gardens' fall colours and famous cherry blossoms, the Kondo temple, the Daigo-Sui spring, the Oku-no-in grotto with statues, and Reihokan Museum.



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 22 Daigohigashiojicho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 601-1325, Japan

 Nearest Transit: Daigo (Line: Tozai)

 +81 75-571-0002


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Nearby Attractions km / mile

Kaju-ji(1.7 km)


Zuishin-in(1 km)


Yamashina-ku(2.4 km)
The Yamashina-ku neighborhood is home to the Oishi Shrine, Kaju-ji Temple, and the tomb of Emperor Tenji, the oldest Imperial tomb in Kyoto.

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