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The Amber Fort is a massive fort-palace complex built in hybrid Hindu, Rajput and Islamic style by Raja Man Singh I. The fort is named after the town in which it stands - Amber, which in turn was named after the Hindu goddess Amba. It was the royal palace of the Kachwahas from 1600 to 1727. Set in the Aravallis on a hill overlooking the Maota Lake, it forms and pretty and formidable sight. It is one of the six sites of the Hill Forts of Rajasthan that are listed with the UNESCO World Heritage for their 'architectural manifestations of Rajput valour, bravery, feudalism and cultural traditions' and influence on later architectural developments.

The complex is divided into 4 sections, each with its own courtyard and gates.

  • The first courtyard has the Sila Devi temple which is noted for the impressive silver reliefs on its entrance door, Suhag Mandir, and the monumental Ganesha Gate which leads into the private palaces of the king.
  • The second courtyard has the Diwan-i-Am (Public Audience Hall), where the king addressed the grievances of the public. It is open on 3 sides, with two rows of ornamented pillars with elephant-shaped capitals.
  • The third courtyard has a garden flanked by the Sukh Niwas and the ethereal Sheesh Mahal (Hall of Mirrors) or Jai Mandir, whose exquisite interiors of inlaid mirror mosaics and colored cut glass are a sight to behold. Another highlight is the "magic flower" marble relief of 2 butterflies hovering around a flower which is designed to show a fish tail, lotus, hooded cobra, elephant trunk, lion’s tail, cob of corn, and scorpion, each visible by hiding different parts of the panel. The Palace of Man Singh I and Lion Gate are also around this courtyard.
  • The fourth courtyard has the Jas Mandir, and Zenana which was the residence of the royal women.
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 Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001, India

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