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Learn about the history of cacao and chocolate, and how chocolate is made from the beans at the ChocoMuseo. You can also visit their cacao plantations, and try your hand at the art of chocolate-making at a workshop here.

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Casa Santo Domingo

Casa Santo Domingo(0.3 km)
Casa Santo Domingo on the grounds of the Santo Domingo Monastery was once home to the order of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, but today is a hotel with museums and a chapel.

Arco de Santa Catalina

Arco de Santa Catalina(0.6 km)
The iconic Santa Catalina Arch is one of Antigua Guatemala’s best known landmarks, and provides a striking orange-yellow setting on 5th Avenue North for the smoking Volcan de Agua in the background.

Parque Central

Parque Central(0.2 km)
Parque Central is the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Antigua Guatemala, the central square with historical buildings, shops and restaurants where locals and tourists descend for fun and entertainment.

Antigua Guatemala Cathedral

Antigua Guatemala Cathedral(0.2 km)
The Saint Joseph Cathedral, better known as the Antigua Guatemala Cathedral, is a 16th century church that was one of the largest in Central America during its heyday.

Iglesia de La Merced

Iglesia de La Merced(0.6 km)
The current building of La Merced Church dates back to the 18th century, and is one of the few churches that have survived the earthquakes that have devastated the city since.

Cerro de la Cruz

Cerro de la Cruz(0.8 km)
The Hill of the Cross is at the north end of the city, and offers great views over the city.

Colegio de San Jeronimo

Colegio de San Jeronimo(0.8 km)
The Colegio de San Jeronimo was a secondary school staffed by the Friars of La Merced from 1757 to 1761, and subsequently became the Royal Customs and then Spanish militia barracks.

Convento de las Capuchinas

Convento de las Capuchinas(0.3 km)
Formally known as the 'Convento e Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Zaragoza' (Convent and Church of Our Lady of the Pillar of Zaragoza), the Convento de las Capuchinas is an 18th century convent designed by Diego de Porres that was the last one to be built in the city.

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