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Originally a factory producing fezzes (fes), Ottoman red hats made of felt, adopted in Ottoman Empire in early 1800s as a part of westernizing efforts in lieu of much more traditional turbans. However, as an irony of fate, fez itself was scrapped away in favour of outright western garments during Atatürk's reforms of 1920s and '30s as it was thought to symbolize the old, decidedly oriental regime. Today, Feshane serves as a cultural and exhibition centre, which hosts celebrations on local days, and some temporary art exhibitions. During Ramadan, it becomes some sort of playground showcasing how Ramadan was celebrated during Ottoman era, with traditional sweets and all.



About Feshane

 Eski Feshane Caddesi, Eyüp

 +90 212 501-73


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Patriarchate of Constantinople

Patriarchate of Constantinople(2.1 km)
Arguably the centre of World Orthodoxy, housed since 1586 in Church of St George (Greek: Agíou Geōrgíou, Turkish: Aya Yorgi), which is, despite its religious importance, an otherwise unremarkable and unimpressive building from outside, though its lavishly decorated interior is worth a look.

Chora Church

Chora Church(1.6 km)
Also known as the Church of St Saviour in Chora (chora translates 'countryside' in Byzantine Greek, which refers to what the site of the church exactly was when it was built), this is 1000 year old Byzantine church, an example of a church somewhat out of the traditional center, but is an absolute must see with precious mosaic frescoes and a captivating mood inside.

St Stephen Church

St Stephen Church(1.8 km)
A Bulgarian Orthodox church better known as Demir Kilise, i.

Rahmi M. Koç Industrial Museum

Rahmi M. Koç Industrial Museum(0.9 km)
This is a typical industry museum which showcases evolution of machines.

Santral İstanbul

Santral İstanbul(2.5 km)
A contemporary art museum located in a building converted from an old power plant (first such plant in Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire).

Eyüp Mosque Complex

Eyüp Mosque Complex(0.4 km)
This is the main attraction around this part of the city.

Old City Walls

Old City Walls(3.2 km)
The old city walls, which were built during the reign of Byzantine emperor Theodosius II (r.

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