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The Antalya Museum traces the history of the Mediterranean and Pamphylia regions in Anatolia from Prehistoric times through the the Stone and Bronze Ages to the Ottoman era. There are over 5000 works of art and 12000 archaeological finds on display. Highlights include ●Phrygian excavations of gold, silver, bronze and ivory items from Elmalı-Bayındır, ●Hacılar pottery, ●Karain Cave finds, ●Bronze Age works from Karataş-Semahoyük, ●2nd century Roman sarcophagi with reliefs of the 12 Labors of Hercules, ●Byzantine mosaics from Seleuceia and Xanthos which depict scenes from Greek mythology, ●Pergean sculptures, ●coins from different eras in the Hall of Coins, ●Seljuk tiles, and Ottoman tiles and carpets.



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 Antalya, Turkey

 +90 242 241 4528

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Hıdırlık Tower

Hıdırlık Tower(2.2 km)
Hıdırlık Tower is a stone tower at the edge of Kaleici dating back to the 2nd century.

Glass Pyramid Sabancı Congress and Exhibition Center

Glass Pyramid Sabancı Congress and Exhibition Center(1.2 km)
The Glass Pyramid Sabancı Congress and Exhibition Center is a convention centre that is noted for its uniquely shaped structure of metal and glass designed by architects Levent Aksüt and Yaşar Marulyalı.

Murat Paşa Mosque

Murat Paşa Mosque(2.1 km)

Yivli Minare Mosque

Yivli Minare Mosque(2.2 km)


Lunapark(1.8 km)

Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium(1.9 km)
The Antalya Aquarium is one of the longest tunnel aquariums in the world, extending to 131 metres with tropical and Mediterranean reefs.

Akdeniz Üniversitesi Botanik Parkı

Akdeniz Üniversitesi Botanik Parkı(1.6 km)
The lush Botanic Gardens are a highlight of the Akdeniz University campus with ponds, fountains and a maze.

New Antalya Stadium

New Antalya Stadium(1 km)

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