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Gavurkale and Kulhoyuk are known for their archaeological finds of Hittite ruins and artifacts which throw light on the culture and lives of people who lived in Anatolia from 1700 – 1200 BC.

Gavurkale is believed to have been a religious or royal funerary Hittite institution, with reliefs of 3 deities carved on a steeply sloping rock face on the southern side of a hill above the narrow valley of Babayakup river. The 2 male deities wear skirts, swords, hats with horns and crackows, while the seated female deity wears a robe and similar hat.

Excavations in Kulhoyuk near the tumulus have unearthed terracotta objects, a bull, a cylinder seal of Mitanni Culture and a Hittite stone stamp seal, bronze needles and knives from the Early Bronze Age, as well as agricultural tools.



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