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Further along the western side of the peninsula is St Stephens Beach, about a 10 minute walk down Wong Ma Kok Road. This is a much quieter and more secluded beach that Stanley Main Beach, but still includes a beach cafe, changing rooms, public toilets and showers. A barbeque area is available up the hill from the beach, and is accessible via stairs.



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St Stephens Beach and Nearby Attractions on Map

Nearby Attractions km / mile
Stanley Main Beach

Stanley Main Beach(0.8 km)
Stanley Main Beach lies on the other side of the peninsula to the promenade, but is only about five minutes' walk from the Stanley Markets.

Stanley Ma Hang Park

Stanley Ma Hang Park(0.9 km)
Stanley Ma Hang Park is a recent addition to Stanley's attractions, and was opened in January 2011.

Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum

Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum(0.5 km)
The Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum is located on Tung Tau Wan Road.

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Hong Kong Maritime Museum(0.8 km)
The Hong Kong Maritime Museum can be found on the ground floor of Murray House.

Murray House

Murray House(0.8 km)
Murray House is one of Hong Kong's oldest colonial buildings.

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