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Man Mo Temple is Hong Kong Island's oldest temple, built by influential Chinese leaders in 1847 during the Qing dynasty. Dedicated to Man Cheong, the God of Literature, and Mo Ti, the God of War, its air is full of smoke from the rows of burning incense coils suspended from the ceiling. The temple has three bays and two halls, with the rear hall housing the altar a few steps higher than the front hall as per traditional Chinese layout. Pau Kung, the God of Justice and Sing Wong, the City God, are worshipped in the side bays. The Temple complex includes Lit Shing Kung - the 'saint's palace' for the worship of all heavenly Gods, and Kung Sor - the assembly hall where community issues were discussed and resolved. While you are there, pop into one of the many antique shops on Hollywood Street and Ladder Street to see some of the best Chinese and South-East Asian antiques in the world, but beware of the fakes for sale.

The Man Mo Temple can be reached by foot from the MTR Sheung Wan Station on Island Line.



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 126 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

 +852 2540 0350

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