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De Gooyer is the only windmill in the centre of Amsterdam, and the site of the popular microbrewery Brouwerij t' IJ. Originally located at the site of the current Orange-Nassau barracks, the 18th century pine-wood grain mill was moved to its present location on Funenkade in 1814 and installed atop the stone base of a former watermill. It has a 17.8 metre high octagonal tower with a masonry base upto a height of 6 metres. The total span is 26.6 metres. De Gooyer was restored in 1929-'30, and then again in the 1970s after damage by a storm. Though it is currently in operational condition, it is not in use.

The Brouwerij 't IJ is located in the former Funen Municipal Bathhouse next to the mill dating back to 1911. Its logo features De Gooyer, along with an egg and ostrich. It offers tasting tours where you can sample some of the 8 standard beers and 3 seasonal beers brewed by the 't IJ.



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 Funenkade 5, 1018 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands

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